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inspire your customers in-store with a connected & innovative shopping experience


We are Re-Vision

 Our mission is to merge the offline and online world by creating a frictionless shopping experience that inspires consumers to discover the full potential of retail.

  We are the global leader in Self-Scanning with over 50% market share and 15+ years of experience
  Our robust & scalable My-Scan™ Solution has been deployed in over 35 countries - we offer global coverage and support
  We have a proven track record with the world’s top-tier retailers and make millions of daily transactions digital, convenient and personal!
  Strong focus on R&D: Our roadmap is continuously fueled by retailer feedback, market trends and the latest technologies
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Re-vision is pleased to announce the partnership with Datalogic, a leader in automatc data capture & factory automation.

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The decision to proceed with Re-Vision was made after...

Sally Marriott, Tesco
Sally Marriott, Tesco