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Innovate your Stores with Scan&Go, Mobile Shopping, & Machine Learning Technology

Extenda Retail, a leading provider of commerce and distribution software solutions for retailers and logistics companies, announces the acquisition of Re-Vision BV. 
The combination will provide incredible opportunities for customers of both companies to take advantage of additional software capabilities. To learn more about Extenda Retail, visit Extenda Retail’s website. For a full story see the article in the news section here.

Managing Consumer Expectations in 2021

Rethinking the
In-Store Shopping Experience

For several years now, some retailers have been putting as much if not more priority on the in-store experience than on the products they sell. As a result of Covid-19, all retailers will have to make their in-store experiences even more extraordinary for those who can visit in person. They have to give people a reason to visit that is so compelling, it justifies their exposure to health risks and overcomes the inertia of the behaviors they adopted during the shutdown.


We design interactions that matter,
to create solutions, that inspire

When and where does your customer journey start?
What is the most important interaction of the shopping process?
How can we interact in the most beautiful, helpful and easy way with a shopper in-store?

We have spent over 20 years asking ourselves and our customers these and many more questions in order to design the perfect solution for every type of shopper.

What We Offer

Customer Engagement

Our solutions are designed to engage and serve your customers in the most profitable way.

Global Scalability

No matter how many stores and in which country – we are the most scalable solution on the market.

Data-driven Interactions

Algorithms designed for physical retail identify shopping patterns and trends to drive sales, reduce shrink & more

Full Flexibility

Whatever your system – we have a solution! Our applications run online & offline and include a variety of technical and functional options.


"The decision to proceed with Re-Vision and Zebra Technologies was made after considerable research into the solution. The value they bring to the project is in their expertise in personal shopping solution implementation and by a scalable, enterprise-class solution and experience in working with large retail organisations. These factors, coupled with strong cooperation made the project very straightforward and we are confident that our partnership will continue to be successful."


My-Scan Enterprise

The My-Scan Enterprise core platform powers an end-to-end Scan&Go solution on enterprise clients such as Zebra’s PS20 and Datalogic’s Joya.


Self-Service is better service!

My-Scan reconciles consumer’s digital expectations with the in-store experience and continuously drives innovation across thousands of stores worldwide.

By empowering users to scan and bag their items as they go, while providing information on products and offers that match personal preferences, My-Scan simplifies life and delivers a positive and connected shopping experience.


Digital, Personal & Fast

We live in an evermore-demanding society. Consumers expect instant access to everything at the touch of a screen. Consumer patience is low and convenience is the key to their loyalty. Moreover, mobile devices have become an essential part of the path-to-purchase and everyday life. Today, we use smartphones as a natural part of our daily routine for information, entertainment, products and more. This has consequences for both consumers and retailers. Physical retail stores need to incorporate digital capabilities in order to identify and respond to fast-changing consumer trends and expectations. Luckily, mobile applications offer a variety of opportunities to improve the shopping experience in-store and collect data that provides actionable intelligence on consumers and stores.

of shoppers say they have made an impulse purchase after a personalized experience

of consumers look up product information, reviews and prices on their smartphones while shopping in a physical store.

of companies think they’re providing a good mobile experience... but only 22% of consumers feel the same!


My-Scan Mobile

Let your customers use their smartphone to complete your Scan&Go Solution. The My-iScan Mobile platform brings mobile shopping into your stores!

Mobile Scan&Go

Mobile Shopping in-store

Mobile Shopping In-Store The ideal application for younger generations and on-the-go shoppers! Serve your customers wherever they are and let your customers use their smartphone to shop in-store, create shopping lists from home or browse through personalized coupons. Our mobile app is available as whitelable application or can be easily integrated through APIs.


Machine Learning for Retail

The Re-Vision Impact platform uses Machine Learning Technology to derive value from retailers digital assets; today’s ever-increasing data pool. The Impact Services are designed for a physical store setting and take into account both current circumstances and upcoming trends and technologies. Machine Learning models consider behavioral differences between shoppers, individual consumption preferences and the in-store environment.


Impact Cloud

Our Impact Cloud uses Machine Learning Technology to derive value from retailers digital assets; today’s ever-increasing data pool.

Machine Learning

Data-driven Interaction

Algorithms designed for physical retail stores consider behavioral differences between shoppers, individual consumption preferences and the store environment to improve efficiency in operations, drive sales and get access to a new level of business intelligence.

The complementary relationship of My-Scan™, My-iScan™ and the Impact Cloud enables us to solve a wide range of problems and continuously innovate the customer experience in-store.

Frequently asked questions

Why would a shopper use Scan&Go?

My-Scan is used by millions of shoppers worldwide on a daily basis to save time, skip un- and re-packing items at the till and keep track of their spending.

What if I don't have a loyalty system to identify customers?

No Problem! We have both anonymous shopping and an out-of-the-box CRM system for you.

Why invest in hardware if I can offer Scan&Go on Smartphones?

Even though this seems like a good idea to keep initial investments low, adoption rates on smartphone are significantly lower than on enterprise devices.


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