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Shopper expectations
in the age of technology

As the online shopping experience is constantly enriched by today’s disrupting technologies, consumers increasingly seek information about products and retail brands online.

Enjoying the convenience of same-day delivery and one-click orders, shoppers have fueled competitiveness in retail and caused the significant eCommerce growth of the last few years.
Even though studies show that consumers of all ages still prefer shopping in the physical retail store, their expectations and purchase behavior has drastically changed.

Today’s shopper walks through the store while searching for alternatives and product information online.

Today’s shopper will abandon a basket in front of a full checkout anda fair share will even abandon the entire brand after only one bad experience.

Today's shopper demands convenience, information & personalized service.


My-Scan Enterprise



The My-Scan Enterprise application powers an end-to-end Scan&Go solution that supports all required functionalities and retailer systems.


My-iScan Mobile

Our mission is to connect you with your customer to create a shopping experience that stands out.

With My-iScan Mobile, shopping becomes connected and enjoyable.

Match today’s shopper expectations with a variety of helpful and personal services such as shopping lists, personalized recommendations and in-store navigation.


Impact Cloud

Powered by the latest Machine Learning algorithms, we have developed our Impact platform to utilize your ever-increasing data pool. Being already broadly used in e-Commerce, Machine Learning replaces rule-based personalization in services in Entertainment, Shopping and a variety of other consumer services.

Our impact cloud currently holds two core services and follows a strong roadmap that aims to use Machine intelligence in a variety of applications.


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