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Our vision

We strive to connect the online & offline world
and inspire consumers to discover the full potential of retail.

Re-Vision has matured its solution portfolio to support an Omni-Channel strategy and BYOD, helping retailers meet their shoppers’ expectations and delivering identical functionality and experience both on the enterprise devices and the smartphone. Easy, convenient and in return more shopping experience; My-iScan™ & My-Scan™. Both solutions are developed to be robust and scalable, whilst including features that demonstrate an eye for detail. Every offered module keeps the end user’s attention on the store offerings and serves their personal needs.


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Our Story

We live in an evermore-demanding society. Consumers expect instant access to everything at the touch of a screen. Consumer patience is low and convenience is the key to their loyalty. Moreover, mobile devices have become an essential part of the path-to-purchase and everyday life. Today, we use smartphones as a natural part of our daily routine for information, entertainment, products and more. This has consequences for both consumers and retailers. Physical retail stores need to incorporate digital capabilities in order to identify and respond to fast-changing consumer trends and expectations.

Luckily, mobile applications offer a variety of opportunities to improve the shopping experience in-store and collect data that provides actionable intelligence on consumers and stores.

Our Partners in Retail Innovation

We partner up with customers and industry experts to drive new trends and continuously innovate the shopping experience across all channels.




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