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New York, 12 January 2020 – Re-Vision, the global leader of self-scanning solutions succesfully launched it’s Impact CX, a new AI-based personalization service designed for offline retail and powered by Intouch during the NRF Retail’s Big Show 2020.

Re-Vision’s Impact Platform provides retailers an e-commerce level data strategy to connect with their customers. Impact CX is a Service focused on product recommendations as a way to identify preferences, save time and redesign the offline customer experience. Re-Vision’s My-Scan™ solution is established in over 30 countries and enables over 3 million daily users to connect with their retailer and scan their groceries as they shop. As shoppers increasingly seek information about products and retail brands online, but still value the physical retail experience, retailers need to connect both worlds and exploit today’s technological capabilities. Re-Vision has taken on this mission by merging consumer’s digital trends with the offline retail store and continuously driving innovation to design an integrated customer experience across thousands of stores.

Identifying a data-driven strategy as the key to today’s customer loyalty, Re-Vision integrates’s top-of-the-class personalization engine designed for physical retail to create Re-Vision Impact CX, a value-adding Service to the My-Scan™ Solution. The Impact CX service takes into account a variety of factors such as product trends, customer preferences, store location and environment. All the available information is then related to real-time behavioural data. Distributed through the My-Scan™ mobile display network and synchronized with existing screens in the store, Impact CX then matches shoppers and products in real-time and across hundreds of stores.

Michel Haagmans, CEO and owner of Re-Vision explains: “The mission is to guide shoppers on their path-to-purchase and find the perfect match of product and shopper to assist, save time and inspire. We designed Re-Vision Impact CX to accelerate retailer innovation and AI strategy to offer a seamless and personalized experience that supports large-scale deployments across multiple countries.”

About Re-Vision
Re-Vision has over ten years of experience in working with top tier retailers to innovate the in-store customer experience and engage with their customers. The convenience for shoppers and the scalability of their solution have become the two major factors for implementing My-Scan™. Additionally, Re-Vision has successfully leveraged its global partnerships and understanding of regional differences to grow across highly disparate markets. Overall, Re-Vision has achieved a dominant market position among self-scanning technology providers.

For more information about Re-Vision and Impact CX, please contact Michael Sabrkhany, VP Global Sales at or call the Re-Vision office at +31 20 7709 001.