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Our Story

Fact: we live in an evermore-demanding society. Consumers today expect instant access to everything – from cars to food – at the touch of a screen. Patience has gone down and convenience is the key. Moreover, mobile devices have taken over the customers’ shopping behaviour. Be honest; your cell phone is crucial in your daily routine. This has consequences for both consumers and retailers. Because how do you respond as a retailer to rapidly changing technological trends? What consequences does this have for the long term? And most importantly, how do you ensure that your customers still have a pleasant shopping experience?

Re-Vision has matured its solution portfolio to support an Omni-Channel strategy and BYOD, helping retailers meet their shoppers' expectations and delivering identical functionality and experience both on the enterprise devices and the smartphone. Easy, convenient and in return more shopping experience; the My-iScan™ & My-Scan™. Both solutions are developed to be robust and scalable, whilst including features that demonstrate an eye for detail. Every offered module keeps the end user’s attention on the store offerings and serves their personal needs.

We know better than anyone how today's consumers feel. Consumers want to be able to compare items, they want to purchase the cheapest but with the most quality, get a service-oriented approach and ultimately have more shopping experience. Yes, we considered all of them to eventually meet the end-users’ needs. 

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    The decision to proceed with Re-Vision was made after...

    Sally Marriott, Tesco
    Sally Marriott, Tesco