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Personalizing the relationship with your customer


Personalizing the relationship with your customerThis year, our innovative retail software solutions will be demonstrated on 3 locations during the fair, allowing Re-Vision to significantly increase value and drive visibility. At the joint stand A65 in Hall 6, together with our long-term partner Zebra Technologies, Re-Vision will show how the latest mobile self-scanning solutions drive innovation and enhance the customer experience. The My-Scan self-scanning solution will also be showcased at the Pricer stand (Hall 6, A23) and NCR booth (Hall 6, C09).

February 15, 2017

Enabling the digital experience in store is one of the hottest topics in today’s grocery retail. Re-Vision invites you to come and listen to the experience of our customers presenting on Tuesday, March 7 at the Grocery Futures retail event hosted by Zebra Technologies. With the explosion in mobile device ownership, is grocery retail about to be transformed? Hear from guest speakers: Mike Yorwerth, Group Technology and Architecture Director at Tesco, and Vincent Jansen, ICT Manager at PLUS Retail how the latest scan-as-you-shop Personal Shopping Solutions drive innovation and enhance the customer experience.

As rival supermarkets battle to grow share in difficult trading times, mobile self-service enhances customer experience for supermarket shoppers resulting into significant uplift in the store revenue.

"With our Scan & Go system, shopping becomes faster and more comfortable,” said Denis Rossoshanskij, head of checkout systems and processes at Globus Hypermarkets in Russia. “Globus was among the first retailers in Russia to introduce self-checkout technology which has become an integral part of our store transformation strategy. Today we are taking the next step in that transformation and are proud to offer our customers another convenient technology that enhances their shopping experience.”Re-Vision, a leader in self-scanning to deliver this exciting new innovation.”